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Why Partner with PortAir?


Introducing PortAir

Instant intelligence –
from the field to your fingertips!

The traditional clipboard and paper approach to field data collection has been outpaced and replaced. Utilising the latest in mobile, GPS, and camera technologies, PortAir ensures that time-stamped data is delivered instantly, accurately and comprehensively – no matter what your industry or data collection needs. We offer end-to-end, fully staffed solutions, throughout South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Why Partner with PortAir?

Service Applications

The dynamic nature of our software and our teams allows for a wide variety of revenue protection, revenue enhancement and asset verification projects, including:

How We Help

In the utility space, updated field data is critical to managing consumption, ensuring profitability and establishing the status of assets in the field. Below are two examples of typical projects, along with the type of information we are able to provide using our extensive industry experience and built-for-purpose technology:

Water Demand & Water Savings checklist

  • Are meters installed at every dwelling?
  • Do the meters function properly?
  • Do the meters comply with legislation?
  • Is every meter on the municipality’s billing database?
  • Is every meter assigned to the correct consumer?
  • Are any of the meters leaking?
  • Is every meter on the asset register?
  • Is every property on the valuation roll?
  • Is the serial number of each meter correct on the data base?
  • Is each meter geo-referenced?

Energy Revenue Protection checklist

  • Are meters installed at every dwelling?
  • Do the meters function properly?
  • In the case of energy theft, has the installation been repaired and reported for legal prosecution, using data and images collected as evidence?
  • Is every meter on the asset register?
  • Is every meter on the client database?
  • Are there any unsafe connections in a dwelling?
  • Are all the meters sealed in accordance with legislation?
  • In case of prepaid meters, are the SGC codes correct?

Why Partner with PortAir?

With over 20 years’ experience in the utilities industry, we know what to look for and the right questions to ask. This ensures that the data that we collect on your behalf is entirely relevant to your specific needs as an organisation and the project at hand - saving you time and money, while improving your revenues.

We train, test and appoint field audit staff from within the project area, for the duration of the project. The recruitment process requires collaboration with local non-profits, churches and local councillors, who assist in putting together a team of deserving people, in need of employment.

Our full-time electricians, master electricians, GIS experts, civil engineering experts and plumbers act as trainers and supervisors to the field audit staff. All teams are provided with uniforms and identification. Teams are consistently monitored and retrained as required, and their work experience and new skills help them to find work beyond the project.

PortAir Field Data Collection App

An App to meet your
data collection needs

Having worked in the field asset data collection industry for many years, we’d had our fair share of lost data collection forms, incomplete forms, and re-calling and/or re-printing forms due to unforeseen project changes. We realised how much time was wasted and how many opportunities lost, waiting for static data to be re-captured into a dynamic, meaningful electronic format. And, quite honestly, we had no way of knowing exactly how many human errors were made in that re-capturing process.

For all these reasons and more, we created our PortAir Field Data Collection App - based on our first-hand experience in the collection of field asset data, and an intimate understanding of the roles, needs and challenges faced by various project stakeholders. We are now able to provide instant, real-time intelligence that accurately reflects the state of your assets, or any other information you need from the field. What’s more, meaningful data can now be accessed by anyone in your project team, from anywhere and at any time – empowering decision-makers, enhancing operational efficiencies and significantly improving collaboration.

PortAir Field Data Collection App

An App to meet your data collection needs

App Features

  • Custom survey forms designed to your needs
  • Appropriate for any industry that requires data from the field
  • Forms easily edited and instantly updated to all devices
  • Attaches photographs, GPS location, QR codes and barcodes to records
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Device Features

  • Rugged exterior with IP68 rating
  • Android OS
  • Onboard barcode scanner
  • Onboard GPS
  • Extend battery life for full day's work
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Data Portal Features

  • Free online access to centralised data
  • Unlimited users and simultaneous logins
  • Custom data search functionality
  • Multi-record and single record view
  • View map data for single records
  • Export to CSV
  • Data available on platform for minimum 1 year after project completion
  • White label web portal available to add your own branding
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